To get a better idea of our sound, I always suggest that you come out to hear us in a live setting.

These are samples of our band performing live at the Summerfest Grounds in Milwaukee.  Please allow enough time to download the "Full Length" songs:



Brown Eyed Girl                                          Sweet Home Chicago                Live Wedding Mix

Sweet Home Chicago                                   Boogie Down                             Vitucci's July 2009

Play That Funky Music                                September                                Laborfest 2009 (pic)          

Bang On The Drum                                      Tarantula

Mambo Swing                                                Mambo Swing

Boogie Down                                                  Rock This Town


Brick House / Get Down Tonight

Hot, Hot, Hot

Sing A Song/ September

Zoot Suit Riot

Rock This Town

Late In The Evening




I am the Music Director for a church in Brookfield, WI: Unity Church of Light,  Located at: 150 S. Sunny Slope Rd #110 Brookfield, WI 53005.The Ensemble consists of:

George Busateri - Keyboards; John Zaffiro on Bass; and our vocalists vary on a weekly basis. They are: Carmen Nickerson, Tracy Hannemann, Deirdre Fellner & Stuart Mitchell, Christine Thomas-O'Meally..

Phone: 262-641-7558

The Unity Church of Light Web Site is:

Here is a song that we performed on Sunday July 17, 2016: with Christine Thomas-O'Meally - vocalist; John Zaffiro - Bassist; Me - on Keys. The song is "I Believe" I Believe

Here's a song that we performed live on Sunday May 31, 2009; with Carmen Nickerson, Duane Stuermer  and yours truly on house Steinway.  I hope you enjoy it!!Wade In The Water

On Christmas Eve we had a performance including  George Busateri - piano; Duane Stuermer - bass; Alan Arber - drums; Vocalists - Katie & Jim Gorton,  & Carmen Nickerson.  Here is one of the live selections from that service sung by Carmen Nickerson. Breath of Heaven

Here's another song recorded live at Unity.  This is a song written by our vocalist Deirdre Fellner "Believe."  Duane Stuermer on Bass & background vocals; yours truly on piano & background vocals. 


 Here is a live performance by Indra Brusubardis - vocalist; Duane Stuermer - bass; George Busateri - piano; Valentine's Day 2010 "Skylark"


On April 11, 2010 we recorded a 'live' version of "Dance Me To The End of Love" with Vocalist - Carmen Nickerson; Bassist - Duane Stuermer; Drummer - Scott Wenzel; and George Busateri (me) on piano.  I hope you enjoy it!

Dance Me To The End of Love

On August 8, 2010 we recorded a "live" version of the Chuck Mangione song "Land of Make Believe." George Busateri - piano; Duane Stuermer - bass; Carmen Nickerson - vocalist

Land of Make Believe

Just for fun:

When I was first starting out in the music business, I had a gig as the music director of a morning show at WITI-TV6 in Milwaukee.  The show was called "Funny Farm" (appropriate, huh).  It featured Barbara Becker and the Jack DuBlon puppets.  His star puppet was named "Albert the Alley Cat."  Al was a BIG star in Milwaukee.  Anyway,  I landed the gig because of a couple of Christmas songs I co-wrote with a terrific talent by the name of Jimmy C. Hall. Jack DuBlon came in our studio one day, and wanted to record a couple of Christmas standards.  We talked him out of that; and wrote & recorded these two original songs.  The project took about two days.  I played all of the instruments; and the choir consisted of studio staff & their wives.  I hope you enjoy them.

Funny Farm Show - promo pic

Send Me a Bit of Home for Christmas

 Santa's Helper